Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information


Title Author Ref. No. Date Download
Seral status codes Hall, Bryant, Clausnitzer, others PNW-GTR-363 1995 Download
Silver Fir Zone Gifford Pinchot Brockway, Topik, Hemstrom, Emmingham R6-ECOL-130A-1983 1983 Download
Silver Fir Zone, Mt. Hood-Willamette Hemstrom, Emmingham, others R6-Ecol 100-1982a 1982 Download
Siuslaw NF Plant Association Guide Hemstrom and Logan R6-Ecol 220-1986a 1986 Download
Test of observer variability in measuring riparian shrub twig length Hall and Max : J.Range Manage 52:633-636 1999 Download
Vegetation response after wildfires, NE Oregon Johnson R6-NR-Ecol-TP-06-98 1998 Download
Wenatchee NF Plant Associations Lillybridge, Kovalchik, Williams, Smith PNW-GTR-359 1995 Download
Western Hemlock Zone Gifford Pinchot Topik, Halverson, Brockway R6-ECOL-230A-1986 1986 Download
Western Hemlock Zone Mt. Hood Halverson, Topik, van Vickle R6-ECOL-232A-1986 1986 Download
Wildlife Habitat Monitoring Guide Rowland and Vojta, eds. GTR-WO-89 2013 Download
Wildlife habitats in SE Oregon Hall GTR-PNW-189 1985 Download