Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information

2013 – Landscape Analysis Workshop

Landscape Assessment Tools and Processes For Forest and Project Planning

Where do Forest Management Projects Come From?



Cool Soda All Lands Project

April 23, 2013

LaSelles Stewart Center, Corvallis, Oregon

Purpose: When watershed analysis came into play under the NWFP, there was a lot of discussion about landscapes and how they function. In recent years, as many units have focused vegetation management programs on plantation thinning, the idea of putting projects in a “landscape context” seems to have diminished. This workshop will remind us all of landscape processes, how to analyze and display those processes using cutting-edge tools, and how to use that information to develop project recommendations.

Sponsors: Central Cascades Adaptive Management Partnership (Willamette National Forest, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, Eugene BLM, PNW Research Station, and Oregon State University, USGS, UofO); the NW Oregon Ecology Group (Eugene and Salem BLM, Mt. Hood, Siuslaw, and Willamette National Forests, and Columbia River Gorge National Recreation Area); and the R6 Resource Planning and Monitoring Group.

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02 Allen

03 Spies

04 Bennett Hogervorst

05 Shlisky Kertis

06 Center Chapman

07 Dickinson Lyons

08 Blundon

09 Reger Helmig Kertis

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13 Henderson Halofsky

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