Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information

FY2017 Regional Ecology Meeting Presentations

FY17 R6 Ecologist Meeting final agenda hand out

Fish And Fire, What Do We Know?

Rebecca Flitcroft

flitcroft fish and fireWenatchee 2017

adaptation to fire_a fish story

Integrating Landscape Restoration

Kevin James

kevin jamesEcology_mtg_2017 Integrated landscape restoration MBS

Blackfoot Swan Landscape Restoration Project

Sabine Mellman Brown

sabine mellman Blackfood Swan Landscape Restoration Project 2017OCT17_BSLRP_EcologyMtg

Gradient Nearest Neighbor Methods For Regional-scale Forest Vegetation Mapping in the Pacific Northwest

Janet Ohmann, Matt Gregory, Heather Roberts, and Emilie Henderson

Simpson Ecology Mtg 2017 Potential Vegetation based on GNN

Wildlife Habitat Patterns & Processes

Peter Singleton

Singleton Wildlife Habitat Patterns & Processes

Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Restoration

Michelle Steen Adams

Steen-Adams Using Traditional Ecological Knowledge for Restoration_101917FINAL

Wildlife Habitat in Dynamic Landscapes

Bill Gaines