Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information


Title Author Ref. No. Date Download
A Landscape Model for Predicting Potential Natural Vegetation Henderson, Lesher, Peter, and Ringo PNW-GTR-841 2011 Download
Air Quality Monitoring on the Tongass Geiser, Derr, Dillman R10-TB-46 1994 Download
Alpine and Subalpine Vegetation of the Wallowa, Seven Devils, and Blue Mountains Johnson R6-NR-ECOL-TP-03-04 2004 Download
Aspen biology, community classification, and management in the Blue Mountains Swanson et al. GTR-PNW-806 2010 Download
Biotic and Abiotic Processes of Eastside Ecosystems Johnson, Clausnitzer, Mehringer & Oliver PNW-GTR-322 1994 Download
Bunchgrass Plant Communities of the Blue and Ochoco Mountains: A Guide for Managers Charles Grier Johnson, Jr., and David K. Swanson PNW-GTR-641 August 2005 Download
Central Oregon Pumice Zone Volland R6-Ecol-104-1985 1985 Download
Classification and Management of Aquatic, Riparian and Wetland Sites on the National Forests of Eastern Washington Kovalchik & Clausnitzer PNW-GTR-593 2004 Download
Climate Change and Forest Biodiversity: A Vulnerability Assessment and Action Plan for National Forests in Western Washington Aubry, DeVine, Shoal, Bower, Miller, Maggiulli 2011 Download
Colville Plant Associations Williams, Lillybridge, Smith PNW-GTR-360 1995 Download
Common forest zone plants, ROG-SIS-UMP R6-11-021-85 1985 Download
Common forest zone plants, WIL-MTH-SIU Topik and Hemstrom R6 Ecol 101-1982 1982 Download
Common Plants of the Colville National Forest Lillybridge and Williams Draft 2001 Download
Common Plants of the Okanogan and Wenatchee National Forests Lillybridge and Williams R6 Ecol 133-1983 1983 Download
Deep Canyon and Subalpine Riparian and Wetland Plant Associations of the Malheur, Umatilla, and Wallowa-Whitman National Forests Wells, Aaron PNW-GTR-682 2006 Download
Early seral plant communities Pacific Silver Fir Zone White, Haglund, Mellen R6-NR-TP-16-96 1996 Download
Field Guide to Riparian Plant Communities in Northwestern Oregon McCain and Christy R6-NR-ECOL-TP-01-05 2005 Download
Field Guide to the Forested Plant Associations of Southwestern Oregon Atzet et al. R6-NR-ECOL-TP-17-96 1996 Download
Forest Landscape Analysis and Design Diaz and Apostol R6 Eco-TP-043-92 1992 Download
Forested Plant Associations of the Oregon East Cascades Simpson R6-NR-ECOL-TP-03-2007 2008 Download
Fred Hall Photo Monitoring Field Guide Hall PNW-GTR-526 2001 Download
Fremont NF Plant Associations Hopkins R6-Ecol-79-004 1979 Download
Gifford Pinchot-Mt. Hood Mountain Hemlock Zone R6-MTH-GP-TP-08-95 1997 Download
Grand fir successional stages, NE Oregon, SE Washington Clausnitzer R6-Eco-TP-050-93 1993 Download
Grand fir zone, Gifford Pinchot NF Topik R6-Ecol-TP-006-88 1988 Download
Green Fescue Grassland: 50 years succession Reid, Johnson, Hall R6-F16-SO-0591 1991 Download
Green Fescue Rangelands: Changes Over Time in the Wallowa Mountains Johnson PNW-GTR-569 2003 Download
Ground-Based Photographic Monitoring Hall PNW-GTR-503 2001 Download
Growth Basal Area Hall R6-Ecol-TP 007-89 1989 Download
Guide to the Willows of the Umatilla and Malheur National Forests Stuart Markow and the Umatilla Botanical Resources Group Edited by Jenifer Ferriel 2008 Download