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TNC/USFS R6 Departure Analysis

Update: Expanding Our Understanding of Forest Structural Restoration Needs in the Pacific Northwest

DeMeo et al 2018 NWSci-Vol92 1

A new approach to evaluate forest structure restoration needs across Oregon and Washington, USA

  • Reference: FORECO14558
  • Journal title: Forest Ecology and Management
  • Corresponding author: Dr. Ryan Haugo
  • First author: Dr. Ryan Haugo
  • Final version published online: 10-OCT-2014
  • Full bibliographic details: Forest Ecology and Management (2015), pp. 37-50
  • DOI information: 10.1016/j.foreco.2014.09.014
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The data, results and associated products are stored in the folders below:

Data – this is where all the input and output data from the analysis are.

Outputs – this is where the manuscript, Appendices, maps and summary results are.

Reference Model Descriptions – these are the LANDFIRE model descriptions for the BpS models that were used to set the Reference Conditions

Webinar: Evaluating Forest Structure Restoration Needs

October 24th, 2014

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Analysis and Manuscript:

Ryan Haugo, PhD, Senior Forest Ecologist, The Nature Conservancy, [email protected], 509.248.6672

GIS Data and Analysis:

Chris Zanger, Forest Analyst, The Nature Conservancy, [email protected], 541.388.3020

Forest Service Contact

Tom Demeo, Regional Ecologist, USDA Forest Service Pacific Northwest Region, [email protected], 503.808.2963