Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information


Title Author Ref. No. Date Download
Herbaceous Stubble Height as a Warning… Hall and Bryant PNW-GTR-362 1995 Download
Huckleberry Treatment Monitoring Protocol March 13, 2020 Download
Indicator Shrubs/Herbs Eastern Oregon Hopkins and Rawlings R6-TM-190-1985 1985 Download
Indicator Shrubs/Herbs W Oregon/SW Washington Halverson, Lesher, McClure R6-TM-229-1986 1986 Download
Indicator species NE Oregon/SE Washington Johnson R6 Ecol-TP-010-89 1988 Download
Indicator Species Northwest Washington Lesher and Henderson R6-MBS-TP-041-1992 1992 Download
Late successional-Old growth Monitoring Hemstrom, Spies, Palmer, others PNW-GTR-438 1998 Download
Mid-Montane Wetlands MAL-UMA-WAL Crowe and Clausnitzer R6-NR-Ecol-TP-22-97 1997 Download
Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie Plant Associations Henderson, Lesher, Peter, Shaw R6-Ecol-TP-028-91 1992 Download
Non-forested plant communities of the northern Oregon Cascades Cindy McCain, Charles B. Halpern, Sara Lovtang R6-ECOL-TP-01-14 Jan 2014 Download
Okanogan Plant Associations Williams and Lillybridge R6-Ecol-132b-1983 1983 Download
Olympic NF Plant Associations Henderson, Peter, Lesher, Shaw R6-Ecol-TP 001-88 1989 Download
Oregon Dunes Plant Associations Christy, Kagan, Wiedemann R6-NR-Ecol-TP-09-98 1998 Download
Oregon White Oak Restoration Strategy for National Forest System Lands East of the Cascade Range Warren Devine, Andrew Bower, Jeanne Miller, and Carol Aubry March 2013 Download
Pacific Northwest Ecoclass Codes Hall PNW-GTR-418 1998 Download
Plant Associations of South Chiloquin and Klamath Ranger Districts, Winema NF Hopkins R6-Ecol-79-005 1979 Download
Plant Associations of the Blue and Ochoco Mountains Charles Grier Johnson, Jr., Rodrick R. Clausnitzer R6-ERW-TP-036-92 1992 Download
Plant Associations of the N. Oregon Coast Range McCain and Diaz R6-NR-ECOL-TP-03-02 2002 Download
Plant Associations of the Wallowa-Snake Province Johnson and Simon R6-ECOL-TP-255A-86 1987 Download
Plant Associations of the West Central Cascades McCain and Diaz R6-NR-ECOL-TP-02-02 2001 Download
Ponderosa pine, Doug fir, Grand fir Mt. Hood NF Topik, Halverson, High R6-Ecol-TP-004-88 R6 1988 Download
Potential vegetation hierarchy for the Blue Mountains section of northeastern Oregon, southeastern Washington, and westcentral Idaho Powell, David C., Charles G. Johnson, Jr., Elizabeth A. Crowe, Aaron Wells, and David K. Swanson PNW-GTR-709 06-048 2007 Download
R6 Old-Growth Interim Definitions USDA FS Pacific Northwest Region 1993 Download
Rangeland Exclosures of Northeastern Oregon: Stories they Tell (1936-2004) Johnson PNW-GTR-724 2007 Download
Riparian ecological types GP/MTH/CRGNSA Diaz and Mellen R6-NR-TP-10-96 1996 Download
Riparian Plant Communities of Northwest Oregon McCain, Cynthia R6-NR-ECOL-TP-10-04 2004 Download
Riparian shrub/herb indicators, Central Oregon Kovalchik, Hopkins, Brunsfeld R6-Ecol-TP-005-88 1988 Download
Riparian zone associations, DES-OCH-FRE-WIN Kovalchik R6 Ecol TP-279-87 1987 Download
Ruminant Herbivory in Blue Mtns. Riggs, Tiedemann, others PNW-RP-527 2000 Download
Sensitive Plants and Noxious Weeds,Wenatchee NF Smith-Kuebel, Lillybridge R6-WEN-93-014 1993 Download