Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information

2018 – Integrated Planning for and Management of Recreation and Wildlife Resources

Building a Shared Understanding of Obligations, Opportunities, and Challenges


Welcome! Intro.

Cheryl Friesen, Science Liaison, USFS


Recreation and Wildlife: Laying the Foundation.

Zach Jarrett, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM State Office, Brad Cownover, USFS R6 Landscape Architect, and Josh Chapman, USFS R6 Wildlife Program Manager


State of the Science -- Recreation use in the PNW: Trends, Economics, Visitor Interests.

Eric White, Research Social Scientist, USFS Pacific NW Research Station


State of the Science -- An Overview. Identifying Potential Impacts and Understanding Tradeoffs.

Mike Wisdom, Research Wildlife Biologist, USFS Pacific NW Research Station


What Research Tells Us About Interaction Between Wildlife and Recreationists.

Using a Broad-scale Spatial Analysis to Balance Use at the Landscape Scale.

Ashley D’Antonio, Assistant Professor, OSU


Sharing Winter Habitats with Carnivores.

John Squires, Research Wildlife Biologist, USFS, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Missoula


Elk responses to recreation on public forests.

Mary Rowland, Research Wildlife Biologist, USFS, PNW Research Station, LaGrande


Corvids and Humans: Cumulative Impacts of Increased “Urbanization” of Our Wildlands.

John Marzluff, Professor, Environmental and Forest Sciences, University of Washington


Understanding the Acoustic Environment: Synergistic Benefits to Humans and Wildlife.

Jesse Barber, Associate Professor, Boise State University


Peer to Peer Sharing of “home grown” approaches for balancing resource objectives

Recreation Disturbance and Wildlife: Analyzing Impacts and Balancing Values on a Landscape.

Brock McCormick, Wildlife Biologist, Bend/Ft. Rock, Lauri Turner, Forest Wildlife Biologist, Deschutes NF, and Dennis Benson, Recreation Program Mgr, Deschutes/Ochoco NF


Wilderness Stewardship Strategy: A Partnership for Wildlife and Recreation Management.

Ruby Seitz, Wildlife Biologist, and Tyson Cross, Wilderness Manager, McKenzie River RD, Willamette NF


An uphill climb: Human and Mountain goat interactions on the Olympic National Forest.

Kurt Aluzas, Wildlife Biologist, Enterprise Program


Cancelled: The Indian Ford Project: When Users Create Their Own Trails -- Balancing Mule Deer Winter Range & Recreationists.

Monty Gregg, Wildlife Biologist, Deschutes NF, and Dennis Benson, Recreation Program Mgr, Deschutes/Ochoco NF

Sandy Ridge Mt. Bike Trails and Roosevelt Elk: Learning to Share.

Corbin Murphy, Wildlife Biologist, NW Oregon BLM, and Zack Jarrett, Recreation Specialist, State Office BLM


Techniques for Improving Effectiveness in Delivering Messages to the Public.

Troy Hall, Forest Ecosystems and Society, OSU


The National Recreation Research Needs Assessment: What Are The Critical Local Knowledge Gaps?

Anna Miller, Post-Doctoral Student, PNW, Seattle and Monika Derrien, Sustainable Recreation Program Lead, USFS WO, Recreation & Heritage Program with Lee Cerveny, Research Social Scientist, USFS PNW Station, Seattle


What did we hear? Folks at the NEPA table for left side/ integrated project development? Folks Partnering? New Opportunities? Innovative Planning Tools? Streamlining Techniques? What didn’t we hear? Future opportunities for revisiting sustainable recreation strategies.

Josh Chapman, USFS R6 Wildlife Program Mgr.; Bonnie Lippitt, USFS R6 Interpretation, Tourism, & Visitor Services Program Mgr.; & Zack Jarrett, Outdoor Recreation Planner, BLM State Office

Bonus Papers and Videos