Interagency Clearinghouse of Ecological Information

2018 – Summer Low Flows in Western Oregon

Processes, Trends, Uncertainties, and Management Implications

April 4, 2018

Agenda - Stream Flows in W. Oregon Final 2018

Meeting Handout

Introduction to summer low flows: organizing principles and terminology.

Maryanne Reiter, Hydrologist, Weyerhaeuser Co.

Climate change projections and potential effects on stream flow.

Kathie Dello, Associate Director, Oregon Climate Change Research Institute

Evapotranspiration variability across dominant ecosystems in the PNW.

Hyojung Kwon, Research Associate, OSU

How forest management influences interaction between vegetation and water.

Klaus Puettmann, Silviculturist, OSU

Subsurface flow paths and low summer flows: influence of channel geomorphology.

Steve Wondzell, Research Ecologist, USFS PNW Research Station

Streamflow trends from long term data in the Western Cascades.

Julia Jones, Geography Professor, Oregon State University

Streamflow trends from long term data in the Coast Range, northern California.

Elizabeth Keppeler, Hydrologist, or Joe Wagenbrenner, Research Hydrologist, USFS PSW Research Station 

Effects of drought and regional low flows.

Charles Luce, Patrick Kormos, Seth Wenger, Wouter Berghuijs

Biological response to low stream flows. 

Brooke Penaluna, Research Fisheries Biologist, USFS PNW Research Station

Revisiting the water budget and forest management

Sherri Johnson, Research Ecologist, USFS PNW Research Station

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